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Chin-Chin is a delicious snack, founded in the strength of an old African recipe. The Generic Chin-Chin is made from a combination of ingredients like flour, butter, milk, sugar, with optional ingredients such as eggs, salt, lemon or orange zest, nutmeg, baking powder, based on preference. It can be either hard, soft or crunchy, and differ in its mode of production, target customer and level of health consciousness. ALL CHIN-CHIN ARE NOT MAKE EQUAL.  We make the BEST!

Chin-Chin Crunchy cakes, is a crunchy deep-fried snack. Great for Starters, Desserts, Dessert Toppings, and Base, or a light refreshment for you and your guest. It can last for months if stored in an airtight container. It's a delightfully, tasty, crunchy snack. WARNING: Once you start crunching, you can't stop!  JUST TRY IT

After years of making Chin-Chin crunchy cakes, I developed my own Chin-Chin crunchy cake recipes with a twist to it.  I found a way of making it healthier and all age group friendly.  Kids love itadults love it, men and women love it. There are many Chin-Chin recipes out there, but this is really the best Chin-Chin recipe ever. Very healthy, creamy, crunchy, flavorful, delightful and scrumptious.  Every ingredient in my recipe works together beautifully, to produce a healthy, perfectly crunchy yet NOT hard to chew Chin-Chin crunchy cakes.  CALL or TEXT to order @ all 806-632-3733 or email us @ Crunchycreamydelights@gmail.com  

Ways To Consume It

Warm for 5-10 seconds based on the quantity, for a HOT-COLD delicious feel with Ice-cream and yogurts. Or just eat WARM.  You can roll them in fine ground sugar, for a more sweet taste.  You can mix with nuts as in TRAIL MIX.  Feel free to be creative with it. And enjoy!

To get a delightful, delicious experience, make sure to serve with MILK, JUICE, COFFEE, WINE, hot CHOCOLATE, YOGURT, ICE-CREAM, or in CEREAL, SALAD, or just your favorite DRINK or FOOD.  Chin-Chin Crunchy Cake, is a must have in my home. JUST TRY IT

They make great GIFTS.  Give a friend, family, co-worker, employee, even your BOSS a GIFT of Chin-Chin Crunchy Cake, and you won’t regret it.  

IDEAL FOR EVENTS and CELEBRATIONS.  Order for your birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, open house, church conferences, weddings, graduations, christenings, baby showers, bridal showers, batch eves, Christmas, Thanks giving, Easter, Valentine’s day, Labor day, Veteran’s day, Independence day, employee appreciations, or just simply appreciating, or saying thank you to someone.

-HAVE A WONDERFUL, DELIGHTFUL, FLAVORFUL, CRUNCHYFUL holiday, and a wonderful season of celebration, with friends and family. Make your event more ceremoniously memorable..